Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Time to Repair the Soul

I read an article the other day that the Mandarin phrase for daily devotional time is Ling Xiu (Leen She-oo). Ling means "spirit" or "soul", Xiu means "to repair".

So your time of devotion means a time to repair your soul. How much repair do we all need right now after the frazzled Christmas season? I was smiling on Sunday as so many were saying they just could not wait for this season to end. They were "over it all" and ready to "move beyond Christmas". I thought about this while driving to the restaurant. Why do we look forward to something all year- then when it is here we can't wait for it to be over with? We fly from activity to activity, plan program after program, and have to fill every empty spot of our life.

Could it be we are trying to cram in the wrong ingredients to repair our soul? This Sunday's message was an exceptional one. It reminded us at the end of the year to invest in what really mattered. What matters? The matter of the heart. Our Walk with God, our relationship with those around us, and building others.

I am quick to put a band-aid on a bleeding finger- but ignore the bleeding of my heart. I rest when I am physically tired- but don't try nourish my spiritual man after over extending. I replenish my belly- while some days my soul is dying of starvation. I would quickly run to the Doctor to mend a broken bone, but what if I have neglected a broken relationship? How can I be so insensitive to the only thing that matters? I would never leave my cupboards bare for my children but am I providing spiritual nourishment for them as well?

So as this year closes and another one springs into place - How is your soul doing? Does it need a check up? Does it need some repair? In 2010 let's make getting into prayer and his word a daily priority. It is the only thing that will repair our souls.


Kathy McElhaney said...

I needed this today!

I wonder if that is why so many pastors feel the need for a week of prayer and fasting to begin the new year. We've all spent the last 6-8 weeks preparing and now we need repairing.

Andrea said...

This morning my soul needs much repair..just a bit out of sorts!

Thank you for this post!
Blessings, andrea

Connie Schmoll said...

Awesome post. THANK YOU!

Danan said...

Ummm...The Lord has really been dealing with me about 'soul issues' lately...
Good Stuff, as always!