Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Things that have been rumbling around in my head lately....

SO I have been told that since I moved to Arkansas I:

1. Don't keep in touch anymore.
2. I have become an introvert.
3. I am not funny anymore.
4. I don't call, write, or blog as much.


I might have ignored this if it came from only one source but it has come from quite a few. So while I have been pondering why this is I saw a mental picture of my life-

I saw two plants and two little seedlings. They were being pulled up out of the dirt and being re-planted to another field. The field was equally rich, watered, and tended to in both areas; it was just time for the plant to move. The farmer knows best and has plans for his harvest.

During this process the two plants were pausing to make sure the seedlings were doing okay. They themselves were re-rooting, getting established, and digging deep. Some days they drooped, other days they flourished- but they came first in the plants life.

Fall is approaching and roots have to be secure. Time, shade, nutrients, shelter, care, prayer, and extra nurishment have had to be given to the seedlings so that they would be steady during the time of the transplant. There has been an audible exhale from the two plants as the two seedlings have taken root and are beginning to flourish.

In the past few weeks I have felt my own roots attach to the earth again. I have felt the ease, the lifting of the load as I have sensed my path. I look over at my fellow taller, stronger plant and am equally amazed at how the Lord is using him in such a great way. He has had his hand over him in the past 5 months. He is now the only one from his department that has a job. All of the others are gone. God has continued to provide for our needs. We daily pray for favor on his job.

So you see- I have not forgotten you, fallen out of love with you, don't find you equally intoxicating- I have just been..... I guess in process. I still get goose bumps when someone leaves a comment, or just likes a blog post. I still check my counter daily to see if anyone is reading, and I still get a crooked smile when you do!

This past week I went to go see my Mom in St. Louis. The girls and I just drove up on Thursday and back on Saturday. It was a great girls outing. John had a project at work and could not leave. We celebrated Mom's birthday, went to Red Robin, and even squeezed in some quick shopping. I got all of the MK Christmas gifts together from MK Ministries. One hundred forty gifts have been labled and are ready to go out. I also worked on giving names of MKs to the 150 people who are donating a second gift for our MKs. I was overwelmed by the love of God's people.

Last night while making pancakes for dinner I had a call from an MK going through some things. After we talked I put the phone down on the counter and said a quick prayer for him. During that time the powder from my pancake batter got all over my phone. This morning while taking Emma to school she handed me my phone. Mom- she said- your head is coming off and getting all over your phone. I thought- Hmm maybe that is why I can't return phone calls. It was actually the powder from the pancakes still waiting for me to rinse it off. Hey my blackberry needs to eat too people.

So I don't know where you are in your journey today. Maybe you are getting some leaves pruned, maybe you are being transplanted, maybe you are re-establishing yourself in the richness of his soil. Know this- the master planter is always near. He hears your every sigh, knows the weights, the worries that you carry, and even knows when you need to rest; bask in his goodness and just breathe. He is tending to your daily needs and is carrying you!


Christina Blash said...

You may never realize the full impact that you have on people. I pray that God will show you a glimpse of the role your life plays in the growth of so many others! LOVE YOU!

Kandra said...

I told a fellow mk just this past week that I was especially thankful for people like her and you who know what it's like to be in the process of a transplant.

Love you ubber loads! :D

Shannon Marie Haggard said...

Thank you for posting this! :) You always have something great to say and very much God inspired!

Girly Muse said...

Good grief, girl, you have NOT lost your blogging, funny, touching, uplifting mojo!!! You have got it goin' on with this one!!! Land sakes.

So thankful you are finding your way there. God is good.

Love you to pieces.

Jere Dianne said...

You my dear are AWESOME! I know what you mean by the process of transplanting and that being said I want you to know that you are always in my prayers.

Love Ya!

Cylinda Nickel said...

You all are like butter to my bread today- Thanks for all of the sweet comments. YOU all are the awesome ones. If it wasn't for you reading- well then I would be lonely :) Love you all!