Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The mystery is solved....

Do you remember a few blogs ago I mentioned that Emma had cleaned her room by putting her dolls over her mounds of dirty clothes and things that needed to be cleaned? When I asked her about it yesterday she had a great reason for doing this!

One of her dolls- Samantha is from a very poor orphanage where the children have to sit and also sleep on dirty clothes. Emma was just trying to make her feel comfortable in our house. While I admire her sensitivity in the situation- it is just not going to work. It does however solve the mystery.

I told her that we were not an orphanage that allowed children to sit on dirty clothes. I reminded her that she HAD to clean it up!

Seanna is on day four of her fever. I have an appointment for her to go to the Dr tomorrow in the AM. I don't know about you but I don't do well with my kids being sick. I set up little beds for them in the living room, have vicks smeared on their upper lip, their nose, their feet, and they stop me when I want to rub it on their chest. I surround them with Kleenex, trash bags, and cough drops. I make them check their temperature about every 1/2 hour. Seanna today when seeing me write down her temperature told me I needed help. Yep, I am pretty freaked out when they get sick.

Today she took a shower and when she came out of it she felt faint and was really pale. I went into her room and started praying for her. Emma ran in and began to pray loudly and cry. She kept saying Jesus she is too young to go. I later told her that probably was not the faith building prayer that Seanna needed to hear.

Tonight her fever was down to 99.7- the lowest it has been since Sunday. She was more energetic and was being her sweet silly self.

I dread going to the Dr. tomorrow. I don't know if I have enough Purell to fit into our lawn sprayer. I can't find the hazmat suits, and the latex onesies must still be at the cleaners. I will pray that she doesn't catch anything else as we walk into germ-ville.

My husband always ask how I can be a missionary kid when I am such a germ freak. He does not believe stories of me playing in the dirt all day, coming in with clumps of soil from head to toe. I guess living in the states will change you- and having kids- well that is a whole other blog.

As for me it's 11:33 PM and I need to go to bed. I have three others that are quietly sleeping in my house. That does not include the two gerbils who are currently chewing on the cage and taking turns on the exercise wheel.

Good night dear friends!

PS This picture has absolutely nothing to do with my blog- but it IS colorful and strange and I AM tired :)


Paula said...

I'm with John...I don't believe the stories of you playing with dirt either. I think they are a figment of your imagination. Hehe

But hey, I'm with you on the kids being sick. Such a helpless horrible feeling for us mommies who are used to be able to FIX everything for our little ones. Sure hope she is all healed today - in Jesus name!!!

And bless Emma's heart, her prayer made me LAUGH! I just love that girl! I think Jesus smiles often as He watches her go through life. Cause I know He has a sense of humor...and He must get a 'kick' out of her. After all, He created her that way!

Glad the mystery is solved! And the room is cleaned...

Love you like a cup of hot cocoa! With LOTSA marshmallows! And in this weather...that's saying alot! :)

Kathy McElhaney said...

Tell Emma that the staff at Tupelo Children's Mansion does not appreciate that stereotype!! I've been in many of the rooms and stacks of dirty clothes were nowhere in sight.

Praying for Seanna... with faith, believing! And a little laugh about Emma's prayer.

P.S. So happy to see so many posts from you this week! I know you're busy, but I miss you when you don't post.

Cylinda Nickel said...

Thanks Paula and Kathy. I know that the Lord has already touched her. Now to start taking the medicine for all of us! Yes, Emma had me going on that prayer. I tried not to smile as I was finishing mine off- her tears were a flowing :) God has given me two great girls.

Kathy- I want to meet you in Person
Paula- I want us to BE in person when we can SEE each other and not be working :)

Kathy McElhaney said...

We are making a short trip to your neighboring state next weekend. So if you're in the Nashville airport Sunday morning the 18th we could meet up!!

Cylinda Nickel said...

Ugh- I think Little Rock to Nashville is like 5 hours- Rats

Kathy McElhaney said...

I'll wave as we fly over...

eclecticbowl said...

Thank you for making me almost snort (from trying not to laugh) in class last night. Emma is absolutely my hero... And I can totally see her praying her little heart out, asking God not to take her big sister. I'm so sorry to hear Seanna is still not feeling well... I'll definitely be keeping her (AND YOU) in my prayers!

eclecticbowl said...

...and for some reason, my username showed up instead of my name. This is Laurissa. =)

Girly Muse said...

That Emma is just too much. She is SO hysterical. She has an answer for everything doesn't she! And a little tender heart to boot. I love that child. Just want to eat her up. And I love Seanna for not knocking her out at times. :)