Monday, September 07, 2009

Blogging Math- Did I learn this in the 10th grade?

So In blogging math- 1 comment = 190 views on a post.

Umm was I sleeping during that math class in the 10th grade? Was that when I was daydreaming that I came to school and remembered my locker combination? It must have been.

Speaking of locker's combinations- do you remember yours? When I first got married- before I had kids, moved three times, and started growing wrinkles- I could remember my locker combination. Now I am just glad that I remember to move the laundry from the washer to the dryer, start the dishwasher, and lock the doors when I go to bed. We all have priorities- what can I say.

What can I say? A Whole Lot. I can say that I am happy here in Arkansas, but I miss my friends from Charlotte. I can say that while I am passionate about Missionary Kids- not everyone that I encounter is. I can also say that I need to realize this quickly when people are glazing over when I speak about it all of the time.

Glazing over? I miss Krispy Kreme. I need to remember to look up the Krispy Kreme Website tomorrow to see if there is one in the 50 mile radius of my little 22,000 city. I love how when the hot sign is on- you can drive up, pay with your wrinkled dirty money and get a little bit of heaven on earth.

Heaven on earth- that is how I feel when I hear my girls playing together. Neither of them has really made a great friend here. I think half of it is because- well- they have each other. In the past 37 days I have been away 20 of them. I am so thankful that they look out for each other.

Look out for each other? That is what friends do- Which leads me back to you- My friends. I truly THANK GOD for each of you. Sprinkled near and far. On my crazy days you are there. When I am discouraged- I get little notes from you. When I think I have totally dropped the ball- you tell me that it is going to be okay. When I am hyperventilating- you pass me the brown paper bag. When I need an ear- you offer two.

Two- plus Two is four and that is the math that I learned well in second grade I think.


Vonnie said...

When you need other things as well - your friends are there to come through for you. Can't wait itl Conference.

Anonymous said...

Cylinda, we have a KK on 1315 South Shackleford Road in Little Rock, probably about 27 miles from you. Just trying to look out for you! Brenda M.

Cylinda Nickel said...

Good to know- I might have to do a field trip!!

Girly Muse said...

my friend...counting the days until i can see you again...hopefully sometime in october!!! :(

Paula said...

Love you. Love your blog. And that's a fact!