Friday, July 03, 2009


I am so thankful for great friends that God brings in our lives.

This week we are so excited to have Chris and Paula Richardson, Richae and Jared staying with us while on deputation. I love when you have friends that you can

1. Be yourself with.
2. Laugh till you cry.
3. Be yourself with- Oh I'm sorry did I already type that?
4. Know are confidential
5. Can keep up with your random conversations
6. Most importantly- pray with you and for you on certain situations!!

Those are God given friends. I am blessed with a few. Most of them live hither and yon- the majority yon. I miss my friends in Charlotte too. This morning while praying I prayed for several of them. They are in my heart.

Please pray for Melinda Poitras- She is an MK from Ghana- She has an outer ear infection. Remember to continue to pray for the Willoughby's for healing, and their three MKs. Please also pray for my uncle who lives here- Allen- he has pneumonia.

Have a great Fourth of July. We are heading to Hot Springs.

Love you Bloggy Buddies!



pressonponderings said...

We love Paula & Chris too. They are so special to us. Wish we could see them more often. Thanks to facebook we can keep in touch.

Anonymous said...

Miss you Cylinda!! Ava says Hi too!