Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Top 10 worst things I have eaten.......

1. Flan- I hate the texture in your mouth- UGH

2. Goat Head Soup- my bowl contained the roof of the mouth- I pushed it away ate the dumplings and veggies til the Pastor ate it out of my bowl. (Victory)

3. Pickled quail eggs. We had them on deputation- I thought it was a boiled egg- surprise. The Pastor pickled them himself. What a treat.

4. Goat Water- this is an island treat saved for special occasions only. Served in cups the froth resembles hot cocoa- don't let it fool you- it is the innards of the goat boiled in a soup. (really horrible cold when a layer of fat forms on the top edges of your cup)

5. Mary's Meatloaf. I worked with a lady named Mary that made meatloaf for a work dinner. She spelled her name "Mary" with ketchup on top. Her secret ingredients to her "great" meatloaf? Mayo and Relish. Not delish at all.

6. Chicken Hand Soup. This is the claws of the chicken put into a soup. Steve and I used to take them out and try to find the right cord that would pull them open and close. That is when Mom used to swat at us and tell us not to play with our food.

7. Black Boiled Bananas. I am all for plantains, mofongo, and tostones. I am not for black boiled bananas that are stored in jars. I will not go further as I will not make it through the rest of the blog.

8. Ox Tail Soup. Again with the soups. I don't like the gristle that is caught between your teeth. I am not a huge fan of boiled okra as it makes it slimy. I do like fungi though- and salt fish. Of course not now as I am deadly allergic to all seafood and freshwater fish.

9. Monkey fist soup. Okay this is one thing that was served to me that I could not eat any of it. Just to see the tiny little hands floating in the soup. I could not make myself do this. It was also right after we had to give back our pet monkey Armstrong and send him to Nevis. Just the sight of anything monkey set me off crying. The hostess kindly removed my bowl and that night I just had titi bread and cheese for dinner.

10.Bologna and Butter sandwich. Yep- totally grossed me out.

What is the WORST thing you have eaten?


Kathy McElhaney said...

I was reminiscing with a friend the other night about eating in the Philippines. Everything was served on a "Lazy Susan", including a whole fish (eyes and all). But the highlight of the evening was when the server came out with what we thought she said was "lizard"... a brave friend tried it, only to find it was "desert"! (Say both words with a strong Asian accent, you'll understand.)

I don't remember what I ate while in Haiti, but I do remember losing 10 pounds in 10 days... Back when I weighed about 100 pounds!

Christopher Brainos said...

Wow...that's a hard one...I would have to say lobster paste though. A lobster's "waste" remains inside it's body...and it's this nice brown's a delicacy in Canada...tried it....EW!

Girly Muse said...

Wow. You have so many horrific ones!!! That is so impressive and I am so sorry that you had to sit through these dinners.

My worst was head cheese in Russia. The gelatinous quality was enough to give me full body shivers and of course, it was a delicacy to we had to eat it.

Kandra Robertson said...

I would have to agree with Christopher... except in my lobster, it was a green something or other... DISGUSTING! And of course, goat innards at a wedding reception here in Tz. DOUBLE DISGUSTING!

Paula said...

After reading your list, my friend, nothing I've ever tried even compares. LOL