Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hay, Garage Cleaning, Shotguns, Bowling, and Five Guys


Can I add any other words in the title? I think not. That was my day today. I could also included- box, bubble wrap, and bubba but a gal only has one title area to work with.

My goal today was to not work one second on MK Ministries. When something is your obsession it kind of creeps into your life-expands and sucks every ounce of energy out of you- or so I was told by my family. So today I told them I would not do ANYTHING MK Ministries related. I failed. Shhhh I snuck upstairs twice answered email and sent someone a new prayer pal. That is OUR SECRET okay?

So John worked on the yard, broke ground, seeded it, put hay on it and then went shooting- that sounds so foreign to me.

I worked on the garage- packed 27 boxes and then had to go to Wal-Martian to get more bubble wrap, tape, and water. You know the essential supplies one needs to clean out your garage.

I found some really great things in the garage today like:

1. A note from John that he gave me 11 years ago. He was heading to work and had left me a note where to find things with a little map. It was my second day here in Indian Trail right after we got married. All of the cards, notes, love letters from John while we were dating.

2. Emma's Baby book- pictures of Emma minutes old. I have Seanna's in the house- but not Emma's. I am putting both in a special spot now.

3. Emma and Seanna's baby dedication outfits and the outfits they came home from the hospital in. So tiny.

4. My Dad's Bible that he gave me when I was 18.

5. My postcard collection and my kaleidescope collection. I have not seen either in about 5 years.

So after spending hours in the garage and not realizing it....John announced it was time to eat. We headed to Five Guys. I have never found the five guys when we have gone there. I have asked a couple of the people working there and always get the blank what are you talking about look. I have also asked them if they have a peanut free table and they don't think that is funny either. (Five Guys is a hamburger place that serves peanuts while you wait- they have a LARGE sign stating peanuts are served freely as you walk in).

We then headed to the bowling alley. Seanna and Emma have a work chart. Once they get to 170 stars (this takes about 5 weeks) they can have a family outing. Much to my chagrin they chose bowling. I used to be a decent bowler (is that a word?-bowler). Now- not so much. Tonight my high score was 107. The girls had a great time. It was Emma's first time to bowl a strike. She flung the ball backwards twice and did not hit a human with it either time- so that was a win- win as far as I was concerned.

BTW wonderful fun buy of the week? 2 pairs of flip-flops for $5.00 at Old Navy. Can you say fun, colorful AND cheap? Gotta love it.

I can't wait for flip flop season.


Before I forget to tell you- Emma got married today. Yes - she wore beautiful flowered "twirly" dress which all brides must wear. How could I have forgotten to tell you this was on the schedule today. Larry the cucumber died in a tragic restaurant accident. She has been married to Larry the cucumber since she was 4. She met Shawn who is not a vegetable who hails from Charlotte. We all met Shawn today (he is invisible). Larry is the father of all of her American Girl dolls. She is currently sleeping with 6 dolls. She made a chart of her kids for Shawn and also has a book with all of their Birth Certificates so that he can memorize their names, last names, and birthdays. I don't know if the happy couple is registered at Target or anything- but I can find out for you all.


Paula said...

By all means, let me know if they are registered! Must buy something for the happy couple. Maybe some candlesticks or a set of nice wine glasses. Wonder if they carry those in invisible style?

Vicki said...

you have the most awesome family ever! And, YES, you must put down MK Ministries some time each week. Your 1st calling is your family - we do appreciate all you do but you can do it more effectively if your family is happy. How is that for me giving you orders? HA!

I so need to know where the happy couple is registered at. Since I am already 1 wedding behind on gifts I can't afford to be 2 =)

Girly Muse said...

so cute! love you, cylinda!!!

Babs said...

You are a freak'in riot!!! I love you blog!!