Wednesday, February 04, 2009

You all are so sweet

You all are so sweet. I re-read my post today and thought about deleting it. I am not- not happy- I was just having one of those frustrating days yesterday- Maybe I should not have typed yesterday :)

Today's update....
1. It snowed- No Dr's Apt. Yahoooooo!!

2. It snowed- Remember how I said no matter what the girls were going to school- it snowed :) They didn't... The Lord has a sense of humor people!

3. I found a lonely pound of hamburger in the back of my freezer. I haven't told the girls- it will be my little surprise.

4. Emma still has a fever. The Dr said to give the antibiotics another day. It is now in her lungs, chest area.

5. I love my friends, my blogging buddies. You all rock! Thanks for your notes, long distance hugs, and prayers! I am feeling back to normal today

Just in time- I had to finish a Newsletter for Mk Ministries and do a 2008 report for MK Ministries.....

Love you all!!

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