Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Last four mug's for the contest....

Kevin Blake:

Here is my take on a familiar mug. It is my favorite just because it feels substantial, and when you stir in the coffee cream it swirls like abstract art. Cheap entertainment!

Lynn St.John:

It’s orange need I say more. LOL but also it has Eeyore on it. He is my favorite and I think I finally know why. I have always wanted to help people be happy and cheer for the underdog. Eeyore like so many people just need love. If this mug was the last one in the cupboard no one would use it because of the combination of orange and Eeyore, it’s definitely the one that describes me. PS - Lynn has two of the same mug in case one breaks.

Chvana Robertson:

Chvana just loves this mug- I am going to say it's because the whole MK to Tanzania thing- what do you think?

Tracie Smith:

Ok Cylinda because I want to be cooperative with your blog I thought I better show you my favorite coffee cup. I’m a social coffee drinker. My coffee drinking habits also provide me with opportunities for little dates with Kent. Often we hop in the car and run over to one of our local Starbucks. We prefer the location on the lake since it provides a more romantic environment. I wish I could have found a pic of Kent’s favorite cup. I’m certain he would have won your contest! Lol He drinks his HOT coffee thru a straw. Imagine that!


Tracie Smith said...

I'm assuming you didn't get my novel pic! I truly did email it to you. I'll resend now! lol

Cylinda Nickel said...

I just got it- I am going to edit this post and put it on here :)

Melinda said...

I love Bro. Blake, because he doesn't just "take a picture" of his mug - he "photographs" it.

Cylinda Nickel said...

I so agree Melinda- It is like posed- different backdrops, take coffee breaks in between takes - oh wait that would change the appearance of the mug :) Great pictures huh?