Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Amazing People Alert

So yesterday- Was a day
I am not going into more details but I will leave it at that.

I went to my door after a long day to find my beautiful friend had sent me a care package filled with goodies for me and the girls! They were jumping up and down, twirling ribbons, hugging their bookmarks, and squealing with delight.

Me? I just sat and had a huge grin- in amazement at the LORD's timing once again in my life. I was in awe of His love brought into my heart by a tiny box filled with goodness.

Last night I listed to Lori Sabin's CD to one of the most amazing songs ever- and guess what my friend- the box sender? She is so amazing she even wrote it. Here it is. May it minister to you today- as it did to me yesterday and will for days to come. Let it go!

I Love you LAS- you are used of God and amazing!


SO how do you fit into all of this? What has the LORD challenged you to do to help someone this week? What have your felt impressed to do for someone else? It just might make the difference in their very core - like my box did yesterday! Each one touch one!

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