Friday, January 02, 2009

More Emma-isms..............and the list goes on and on and on!

So I know you have been missing my Emma-isms so here are the latest.

Last night while giving my nephew his Christmas gifts we also gave him a Disney T-shirt. Emma proudly proclaimed- Yeah - we didn't buy it for you at Disney or anything just at a flea-market. Okay this was the truth - but the reason that we didn't is that I was sick the last day the girls went to Disney and could not get anything for any of them :) Thanks Emma.

While visiting some people recently Emma walked into their house and LOUDLY proclaimed- WOW it REALLY STINKS IN HERE. I about died. They had a new puppy and she was coming in with the puppy- and I think she was just smelling the wet tiny puppy.

Today I am on my laptop working on work- in the living room- I hear the stove timer going off. Emma runs over and turns it off- telling me that was the timer to get me off of the chair and to start cooking because we eat at 5:30 every day. She just came in tapping her naked arm where a watch should be and said - chop chop it's been six minutes since your timer went off.

I am ready for a primal scream- so I thought I would share with you- exhale- and then- chop- chop make dinner.

Have a great Friday Night. I am sure I will :)....Now who taught her to use that timer???


Kathy McElhaney said...

Here's to another year of Emma-isms! She's so funny, gotta love her!

Paula said...

LOL More book material. :O)

Jared is just about as bad. Today we had youth group here at our house. There was this one boy who had kinda long hair. Jared comes in the kitchen asking me, "Mom, is that a boy or a girl?" LOL Fortunately, he wasn't speaking too loud. But I'm like, "Son, would you shush!!!???" Hello?? :O)

Ah well. Hope your chop-chop'ing turning out nice. :O)

Anonymous said...

Thats' funny. That is why we have kids to make us laugh.