Thursday, January 08, 2009

It's Dark outside and the moon is sitting on top...

Last night was the first night back at Kids Church. They were all EXCITED to be back together again. We have a group of kids that are 3-12 years old. We have a great time in there - really- but yesterday I was overwhelmed, frazzled, and well distracted I guess.

-I had just gotten done with the Children's Ministry staff meeting where the kids were playing and screaming in the back of the room while we were meeting :)
-We re-listed our house on the market this week
-We find out if John still has a job this week
and varied other things were on the back of my mind....

We had our lesson, games, Kids In prayer, songs, and a lot of other activities and finally it came time for them to work on their coloring pages and activities. Last night they were making a Bethlehem house. They had to color it and then cut it out and make it into a cube. Then they had a coloring page of Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus.

Zachary is one of my favorites in that class (shh don't tell) he is about 3 and has baby blue eyes the size of Texas (well not really or that would look odd). But he is a doll. He raised his hand and called me over to him.

I said what's up Zachary- don't you want to color?

He said what else can we do? He looked very sleepy.

I said well right now is color and puzzle time. Do you want me to help you?

His eyes lit up and he said would you help me? This was followed by a huge grin!

I said sure. I pulled up a chair the size of a corn chip and sat down to color with him.

He said are you tired Sister Cylinda?

I said- I guess I am.

He said well I am too cause it's dark outside an the moon is sitting on top- that means we can be tired. We continued to color and talk for the next few minutes. It was the best conversation I have had in a while. Before we both knew it- his Dad was there to pick him up.

I left last night feeling different. Sometimes I guess in the midst of our busy-ness, our trying to organize projects, our wanting things to get to a new level- we forget WHY we are doing it all. We are doing it for the Zacharys in our lives. We are planning all day- buying new supplies, organizing so that he can have the best experience ever when he comes to Kids Church. We do Kids in Prayer so that when he is a teenager he will know how to call out to God while facing issues in his life. We expose him to missions so that he might go to another country one day to preach the gospel- or financially support a missionary. And most importantly we teach him about Jesus because one day I want Zachary to see Him face to face. I want him to develop a relationship with Jesus NOW and learn to draw close to him daily.

I came home refreshed. I thanked the Lord that a tiny 3 year old had leapt into my heart at Kids Church and reminded me the real reason I have worked in Children's Ministry for the past 15 years. I hope I can only be 1/2 of the leader to him- as he was to me last night!


Jacko's girl said...

Just found your blog and I'm lovin' it!! I don't believe we've ever met but I have seen your name/face on facebook and girlymuse .... so I feel like I kinda know ya :-) I'm Lori Yonts and I live in Greenville WI with my 2 beautiful girls. My Sweetheart passed away almost a year ago ... still can hardly believe it. This past year I have felt this same way .... what am I doing ... what's the point ... what now. I know in my heart to keep doing what's right and so I will. Thanks for writing and helping me remember some of the why. I love that reasoning ... it's dark outside and the moon is sitting on top ... :-)

Vicki said...

what an on time blog! As the new year comes around we surround ourselves with plans and feel good about ourselves for planning - but the WHY is so much more important. AND when the moon is sitting on top it is OK to be tired - wow! I think there is a lesson in that! I don't have to be guilty for being tired because it is the 'time' to be .... girl, you are the best!

Girly Muse said...

I LOVE this one. What an adorable little guy.

Paula said...

Thanks for sharing Zachary's lesson!

amberle said...

I had this same feeling just Friday night. I am just beginning to teach in Kids Prayer settings with Lyn, and had a rough experience. Couldn't keep the kids attention...panicked, got frustrated...wondered why on earth I thought I was doing the "right thing". But then one of my kids came to me and showed me her armor and I realized, they did hear what I was trying to say....its moments like that, when I realize why I love kids prayer.