Sunday, January 11, 2009

I need your ideas- read on there is something for you in this ....

Let's say you were in charge of a for example...:)

You add wonderful weekly information
You work hours on putting things up there for MKs to read
You know that this is your hub of information
and you want them to get into the habit of checking it weekly, and even daily-

What would you do? How could you get them hooked to check in all of the time?

Please leave comments but DON't SAY- sent out email blast for them to check it out- been there- done that and the t-shirt is on back order!

I know that you all are creative so I need your help!

Thank ye-

Ohhhh and as a tiny yet huge incentive- the person with the best idea that I can use...get's a $15.00 Target gift card in the mail- so don't put your name as anyonymous- cause I won't be able to sent it to you.... I will send out the gift card on Friday- January 16th. If you live in a country or city without a Target first of all I weep for you- secondly I will send you a check or gift card to what you choose :)

Comment away ye readers (all one of you)



Renee said...

How about some sort of "hidden" clue or phrase or some such each day? Each one who finds it gets a point, with monthly prize to the one with the most points.

Girly Muse said...

renee's suggestion is great.

i was coming on to suggest some sort of prize for logging in so many times a month and leaving comments.

Kathy McElhaney said...

First a disclaimer: my husband is a MAJOR techie, was a website developer a dozen years ago, and I've learned a bit along the way simply by listening to him complain about sites!

I checked out the site and had to do a little digging to actually find the weekly info, under Publications, then MK Devotionals. First suggestion: make your homepage a little less static. If you want them to read something, make it easy to find. My husband would say, "make it intuitive"... click on the homepage, see "New devotional for Ages 18 and Older - Click here!" "New slide show from MK Retreat - Click here!" If the homepage looks the same everyday, how will they know when something new has been added?

But, that still doesn't tell you if/when the site is being visited. I didn't see a "hit counter" on the site, nor a place for MKs to leave comments. So how do you know the interest level? What about a "MK Forum" or guestbook where they can leave comments or share stories (with you as moderator, of course).

I'm sure there's more, but here's my 2 cents for now! And of course all my suggestions mean more work for you, so you'll need Emma to set the timer... chop, chop!!

Paula said...

Great suggestions so far...let me ponder on this for a day or two. :O)

Kathy McElhaney said...

Was I having a blond moment earlier today, or did you add the "Have you read this week's devotional?" link to the homepage today?

Melissa Hineman said...

Facebook and MySpace are so popular with the kids -- why not try to create that some feel on the MK site, give them a chat room forum, place to post their own page, info, musings etc.

What about having a MK as a spotlight guest writer each month highlighted on the home page. Give them a place on the site to blog.

online giveaways each month -- maybe something cool like iTunes gift cards or even a web cam giveaway

develop a forum for discussions on some hot button issues relevant to kids their age. Could run the gamut from mission-related issues to general current event. Point is to get them talking and using the MK site as the forum Have MKs serve as guest panelists for a web chat.

Will keep thinking:-)


Christopher Brainos said...

1. Make a website "scavenger hunt". Like 20 questions or whatever with info that's on the website. For example:

1. Who has a birthday on December 25?
2.What is the name of the 2-5 devotional for November 17, 2008?
3. Where did Carla Burton go to college?
4. Name 5 people who donated for the MK Retreat.
5.What is the name of Chvana Robertson's blog?

and stuff like that. It will help people learn how to navigate the site, and they'll learn some stuff. And of course, there's a prize for the first one who sends it back with all the right answers.

2. Advertise that when the website gets a certain number of hits in a month, there will be some kind of silly reward, like pictures of Bro. Hattabaugh in a goofy outfit or something in the next newsletter.

3. Do a different kind of contest where there is a picture of Tiffany hidden on a random page of the site every week. And every week, everyone that finds her and tells where she is gets their name put in a drawing, and then next year, whoever's name gets drawn gets free registration to MK Retreat or something big. That's why it lasts like several months.

4. and of course you can always cry and beg. "PLEASE visit the website!!! PLEASE!!!!! We are BEGGING you!!!!!! It's not that hard to just go and check it out!!!!!!"

BTW- I visit nearly every day. So kudos for me!

Hope these help!

Andrea Soto said...

Kinda depends on how much time you want to always love to hear about themselves or others their age. A few years ago when my kids were in preschool they had "The Big Cheese". (we live in Wisconsin) Whoever was the big cheese that week would bring in pictures of themselves, their family, talk about their hobbies, favorite foods, pets, relay their birthday info, etc.
Maybe the MK's could not only share this info but also interesting information about their country, their favorite thing about being an MK, most unique experience, maybe a picture of their house, church, friends, what they want to be....maybe include a space where others could make comments to the "Big Cheese" or whatever clever name you come up with.
If this was done on a weekly basis, I think it would help them to connect to each other and they would definitely check it out weekly to see who's up next.
I'd check it out! :)

Andrea Soto said...

Ok, I have another idea. This could be weekly as well.
1. Choose a the picture of the giraffe.
2. Zoom in on one part of the picture.
3. See who can guess what the picture is of.
4. On Friday post the whole picture.
This could be an ongoing contest with tallies as to who guesses the most right over a period of time. etc.