Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Come on people are we really this lazy?

This was brought to the tiny frontal area of my brain this week as I looked at Emma's agenda. Every day they are to write down their homework assignments and have their parents initial when they have completed the task. She does not have words written down she has abbreviations. Here is an example of what she had for Monday-

R 20 m. D H P

I asked what does that mean? She said I don't want to write out what the teacher says so that means- Read 20 minutes, Do homework packet.

Earlier in her book she had

R 20 m. D H P ICABN

I knew for sure I would stump her on this one.

Oh that's easy she said - Read 20 minutes, do homework packet, Icecream at Bruesters Night. See Mom- it's much easier.

I said Emma- this is the apidimy of laziness.

How lazy are we really as Americans?

We are so lazy that we can't carry our Bibles anymore- we have to have handles on them, or turn them into purses- yes I have seen people sling them over their shoulders with their patent pleather straps.

We are so lazy we can't even eat mints anymore we have to have them melt on our tongues.

We are so lazy that we can now have people shop for us at the grocery story and we just drive up and pick them up.

We are so lazy we now have computers that we can just talk to and they will type all of our words.

We are so lazy that one lady I read about recently hired a lady to exercise for her- I'm sorry how does this help her?

We are so lazy that we have remotes to operate our remotes.

We are so lazy that we can't open up a map any more we have GPS ladies rattling out our directions- WAIT -I use that one- it doesn't apply - smile.

Really our GPS Lady is so messed up she had us going in circles the other day trying to find the Honda Dealership- we ended up in the mall parking lot with no dealership in sight. I told John it was the Lord telling me that I needed to shop- He didn't buy it.

Now back to Emma- I tried to explain to her that she NEEDED TO WRITE Things out- not become lazy -that it was good to practice her penmanship etc. She turned around and looked at me as I was cooking dinner. She said Mom I am not trying to be rude or anything but I will quit doing my abreviations when you start cooking everything on the stove and stop using the microwave. It's the same thing.

Hmmmm Point taken- Maybe the 7 year old does have a system.

Gotta go- I hear the dinging my microwave popcorn must be done!

PS. the picture has nothing to do with anything I just like it ....


Girly Muse said...

this is HYSTERICAL!!! i love it and i LOVE emma. man, she's so funny. just like her mama. :)

laughed out loud with the we're so lazy we have to have our mints melt on our mouth one. hahahaha

and i'm so lazy that sometimes i have my groceries DELIVERED..too LAZY (and cold) to go pick them up! yikes.

you're great. this article is fabulous. it should be in a magazine.

love you.

Vonnie said...

Your daughter is my constant source of laughter.

I love her & her mom to death.

The whole patent leather strap on the Bible was a bit much - ew ew ew!!!

Love you.

Tracie Smith said...

Ok Emma gets 'this stuff' from you or John........

Apples never fall too far from the apple tree I'm told. She totally cracks me up.

Cylinda Nickel said...

Um- guilty party table for one here. She is a duplicate of me at that age- what we reap I tell you. Seanna and John and the logical brains of the family. She is in advanced everything for her age. Emma- We pray learns how to read and write this year- Kidding.

Love ya Tracie!