Monday, December 15, 2008

I Burned the Chicken, I Burned My hand while getting out the burned chicken, and I burned my lips while tasting the burned chicken!!

I have had it.....

I burned the chicken
I Burned my hand on the pan while getting out the burned chicken
I Then burned my lips on the burned chicken to see if the inside was cooked.

Tomorrow we are having beef.

This has been my day today
I could not get a thing done.
I was short tempered.
I had 100 people emailing me to do things not MK Ministries Related.
John's car would not start- dead battery- he took my car on the day I need to do errands.
I was supposed to meet someone for dinner- we had the date mixed up
I was late in starting dinner as I thought- I'm going out to dinner it's sandwich night
I had three people tell me that we were out of milk-
Two people tell me that we are out of toilet paper-
One tall person tell me that we are out of paper towels
I Yelled at Emma for spinning in circles and waving her hands in the air while she was supposed to be getting her book bag together.
I had 10 - yes I counted them- 10 calls in two hours.
I put the mail-ladies gift in the mail-box and she did not take it- so I have to figure out how to get it to her....
My Mom called and my Dad was stuck in Houston
I added a new later flight for him (Log on computer - log off)
I called my Dad to give him the flight information
My Mom called to tell me to cancel the flight as CO already protected him (log on computer- log off)

Did I mention I burned the chicken?

I just left the kitchen- John is headed to prayer meeting and then to teach our neighbor a home Bible Study. (Wow that is a story I forgot to blog).

So Emma still had not cleaned up her book bag stuff I lost it again with her. I now am feeling ashamed as I realize I am taking out my frustration on her- and that even though she should have gotten her bag together- she should not have received the wrath of Khan upon her head!

I got another phone call to check an email....and Emma walks in.

She has her sleep Shirt on....
She has messy hair....
She brings me a Happy Birthday Jesus Bag- inside of it is her most favorite thing in the world right now- it is an ornament that opens up and plays away in the manger. She said here Mama I couldn't wait. It's the perfect gift and it is just the right time to give it to you. Merry Christmas.

I stopped hugged her and cried.
She was confused.
Emma-I am so sorry Momma? Do you not like it?
Emma-Are you crying because you are happy or sad?
Cylinda- Not like it? I love it....It's just I can't take that from you-
It's your most treasured ornament and I want you to keep it.
The only gift I want from you is a hug and a kiss.
Emma is now crying and hugs me too. She says that the only gift she wants is for me to be happy today.

I told her I was so sorry for being frustrated that it had nothing to do with her and that it was just one of those days. She hugged me came back later snuck back into the office with a big red heart and put it on my bulletin board. It reads I love my Mommy. Mommy, Mommy, I love you, You are so special too. Love Emma.

I stop to thank her. I then shut the door to pray to MY FATHER. To ask him to forgive my frustrations, my haste, to allow me to give him a hug, and to tell him that He is special to me. I plead with him to look past my imperfections today and to see me as his child. His frustrated fumbly bumbly child that just needed HIM today. I stayed talking to HIM until I felt better. Until his presence flooded over me and I felt warm and fresh.

The buzzer just rang. Seanna made cookies. She put them on the top shelf. They are burned and raw at the same time- but I will eat them. Thankfully!

I have to go in there anyway- it just dawned on me.... the other vegetables from dinner are still waiting in the microwave!


Vonnie said...

Is this from today?
Sounds like my entire weekend.
We will talk.

Tiffany Bracken: said...

Cylinda, perhaps it is morbid, but I can't tell you how much reading about your bad day made mine a little funnier. I just want you to know that I really enjoy reading your blog. Merry Christmas!

Cylinda Nickel said...

Lol- today is a new day- and girl- that is why I write- hoping SOMEONE can get joy out of it!!

Riss said...

The chicken still looks pretty good.... Making my tummy growl!