Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Well I guess I will answer you....

So someone emailed me the other day and said- you have not been blogging your normal transparent blogs lately. I was like really? She said yes- and that is why I read your blog.

I was like you read my blog? I thought I only had ONE reader :)

So the word transparent...........

Have you ever been a time of deep uprooting to the point of you don't know where to begin? That is where I have been. I guess I feel like my roots are being one by one taken out of the soil so that they will be ready when put into fresh dirt.

In that process there is some deep soul searching
-Some awareness that floods in.
-Some extra prayer time that is needed to sustain the change ahead.
-Some reconnecting with your greater purpose as you know the master gardener has his hand on your life even as he gently brushes the dirt off of each tiny piece of root.

The Lord keeps impressing me that my typical time with him is not going to work anymore. That he is asking of more for me. That for growth to happen the base of the foundation of prayer must be widened to sustain the change he is brining.

I have inner conflicts.

Why call me to more prayer when...
My prayers in the past could not keep John's Mom alive
My prayers in the past did not allow my Grandmother to live
My prayers in the past did not allow me to see my baby
My prayers in the past did not allow me to have another day with Renee
and I could go on and on.....but that is the path that the ENEMY would like for me take.

The path that the LORD- my master Gardener wants me take is:
My prayers in the past have made differences in the lives of many
My prayers in the past have made a breakthrough happen just this week in a life of an MK
My prayers in the past have seen MIGHTY victories for the LORD.

So Today-
I stand -
in the process-
Knowing that HE WILL heal Barb and Steve Willoughby
Knowing that He WILL finish the work in Timothy Simoneaux's life.
Knowing that He WILL touch my friend Jessica in Costa Rica.
Knowing that HE WILL do a great work with MK Ministries.
and putting him right in the middle of many other situations that I bring before him.

SO I guess I have come to one conclusion. If the results of prayer do not bring about what I have asked for -it is because it will serve for a greater purpose. His power has not changed. His greatness abounds. His will is different for each individual. For each situation.

The sweetness of his presence in my life can not be measured.
The greatness of his power in my situations can not be compared.

I stand humbly today before him- knowing that I am a work in progress- that I am on am mission, and that he and I together will spring forth nothing but greatness.

And now I am done with being transparent today. Back to the soil!


amberle said...

You know, I like your transparent blogs too. It seems like I can go a week without going to your blog, and then I go and I read it and, wow, you say something I was totally feeling.

Love ya, keep it up!!

Melissa said... have such a gift with words and know just have to put things in perspective -- you need to write a book!

Paula said...

Ahem -- see I'm not the ONLY one who wants you to write a book!!!!

Love your guts!!!