Monday, November 10, 2008

Last week Sharpies on the sidewalk- this week Super glue on the fingers

I am reminding myself that this is just a moment
a phase
a time period
a flicker in time

Last week Emma went on a beautify the Nickel's sidewalk phase by coloring with sharpies on the sidewalk. Today a little 7 year old found super glue and proceeded to glue it all over her hands. You can figure out what happened next. I was trying not to loose it.

We had already gone through it today as she has to do a re-test for Social Studies but could not remember what section she is on in her book- or what the test was that she is re-doing.

I am trying to stop- exhale and remind myself that this will be cute in about hmmmm 4 days....but today it is not cute.

She did tell me that she was swearing off of all glues besides elmers. I told her that we don't swear in our house (although I was about ready to).

She is currently making flashcards and singing in made up Spanish. She told me the other day since Spanish people didn't know what they were saying to each other why should she care- she could speak Spanish with the best of them I guess.

Okay back to work. I just had to write our my brain would implode.

Hope you blogging buddies are having an un-eventful day!!


Danan said...

What a beautiful, creative child. Just think of all the memories she's making...10 years from now, it'll be, "Mom, remember when..."

This too shall pass...

Be blessed and don't start

Love ya,

Paula said...

Oh my! Just when I think Emma has done it all...said it all...made me laugh the mostest...


Started writing that book yet??? Emma is giving you all sorts of material for it. :O)