Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hey Y'all- Where did Tuesday go?

Hey blogging buddies-

I feel like I have failed you today and not posted anything. I woke up at 6 and have been hitting it- Just got in from church/grocery and am getting ready to pack up my lap top to head to St. Louis.

Praying that you all have an amazing Thanksgiving. Thank you all for all of your sweet, kind, funny, spicy comments over the past few months. Thanks for reading my ramblings- but most of all for being my friends (Okay I am beginning to sound like a 1980's Christian pop song) :)

I will be on the road Tomorrow- Wednesday
Thursday Thanksgiving at Mom's with Kaylah and Chvana Robertson and my family
Friday- Getting MK Christmas gifts/ PM MK Gathering In St. Lous at Winds
Saturday- Breakfast hopefully with a dear friend/ then to St. Charles with the girls
Sunday- Drive back to Charlotte for girls to school on Monday
Monday- Drive to VA to see a friend who is having surgery

Love you all- Have a safe and relaxing Thanksgiving. Who am I kidding? Eat way to much turkey, wear elastic waistbands, and have fun!!



Paula said...

Sounds like a fun week to me! Enjoy yourself!

Alan said...

Have a safe trip. I have my eating pants already to go

Rochelle said...

Girl... I plan on stuffing myself silly and taking a good long nap!! (Then eat some more... then nap again... it's a terrible cycle!) Drive carefully! Happy Thanksgiving!!

Danan said...

We love your post! After we 'expand our horizons' during the Thanksgiving Feast, we'll check in on your blog again. Hope you have a GREAT week!