Monday, November 17, 2008

Every Moment....a Blessing

Every Moment a precious blessing:
Just about a year before he succumbed to cancer, Tony Snow, former political pundit, speech writer and White House press secretary, said the following to the 2007 graduating class at the Catholic University of America:
“Wherever you are and whatever you do, never forget at this moment, and every moment forward, you have a precious blessing. You’ve got the breath of life. No matter how lousy things may seem, you’ve got the breath of life. And while God doesn’t promise tomorrow, He does promise eternity.”

How easy is it for us to live in the past or worry about the future so much that we are ignoring our present.

I remember while on the missionary field one I met a missionary wife who had toddler aged children. She would talk for hours and worry about her children. How they were going to do in high school? Which high school she was going to send them to, how they would manage in college while their parents were away as missionaries, how they were going to be able to help them pay for their schooling etc. All of this “stewing and brewing” would go on while they needed to be spending time with their Mom, needed their nose wiped, their beds made etc.

She was losing out on golden opportunities with her family because she was so worried about things of the future.

Maybe we should take Tony’s advice and look beyond our momentary troubles to see both this life and the life to come as precious gifts for which to be grateful. How about you? What are you thinking on today? Do you have a thankful spirit?
So never worry about tomorrow, because tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own." Matthew 6:34

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