Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sharpies and Goat Skin

So Since I have been writing and writing and writing lately ...

I began to wonder....

Did David use a sharpie and goat skin when he was tending sheep? He couldn't have used a sheep skin- too close to home- and he would have been hated by the flock....

Did he sometimes take his sharpie to the cave and write on the wall and draw pictures? Did he doodle little spears with a stick figure that looked like Saul? And then later send his men with a larger sharpie to scribble it out?

Did he send men back to retrieve the goad skins later to have them written in beetle juice and papyrus and then they were turned into the Psalms?

Would David hang out at Starbucks in today's world with all of the other people that live there with their laptops? I think he would have been a full on caffeine sort of guy.

Would David read blogs? I wonder if he would ever link to mine?

Basically all of this really doesn't matter a hill of beans. What matters is that David was a friend of God.

Do you know why THAT was cool? Because he was one of the most open, transparent, questioning, frustrated people out there- and yet he was a friend of God.

He made mistakes- and he was a friend of God.

Some days the fruit of the spirit had withered off of him like it does me- but yet he was a friend of God.

He knew what is was like to be called, chosen, and yet living in transition- he was a friend of God.

Some days I think he took his goatskin and his Sharpie and wrote- King David over and over and over- even though he was sitting in a cave- fighting for his own very life.

He clung to his calling, his dreams, and his anointing even in the midst of his trial- and he was a friend of God.

So when I get to heaven I want to meet King David. I want to give him a new sharpie and a journal. Who knows I might even give him a leather bound one- and since the herd won't be around shhhh it might even be made out of sheep skin!


Paula said...

Awesome blog!!!! Good to have you back. :O)

I have to share this one with my buddies who are doing the Living Beyond Yourself study with me.

I am a friend of God! How cool is that???

Vicki said...

girl, you really just open your head and ALL that comes out? ugh, I can't even seem to type an email that makes any sense right now.

Cylinda Nickel said...

Well you have had a LITTLE bit on your plate :) don't cha think?


Love you!