Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The latest Emma-isms

So I think the Lord sent me Emma to lighten up my days. He sent me Seanna to be such a HUGE BURDEN lifter. Tonight she was reading the MKs flight arrival and departure times to me so I could do a spread sheet. She learned the actions to songs for School of Missions, and she made a written spread sheet of the ALC Kids by their names and ages- WOW – what a 9 year old. And NO I am not running a sweat shop. I think that my every pore is oozing out stress as they both look at me with these “Who are you “ eyes and ask how they can help.

Either that or it is the outbreak of the fever blisters on my lips :)

So here are some that I wrote down on bits of paper this week. Things that I did not want to forget.

Emma: Momma do cows lay eggs?

Cylinda: No, I don’t think so

Emma: You mean they come out whole?

Cylinda: Yep

Emma: Doesn’t that freak you out?

Emma to John-

Daddy- I think it is very manly when men cry

John: Really?

Emma : Yep, I saw you cry at your Mom’s funeral and I think you are manly

John: hmm

Emma: Yep, I am going to marry a manly man who will cry just like you.

Cylinda- who was not in the room about shed a tear at how wonderful her daughter and husband are.

Emma: Mom do I need to turn into an Missionary Kid right now for you to answer me?

Cylinda: What does that mean?

Emma: You don’t hear me when I talk and I know that you listen to missionary kids.

Cylinda: Sorry I am right in the middle of something what do you need? I am listening now

Emma: You don’t listen to me …and right now- I need a snack- would it help if I wrote it down?

See how wonderful kids are?

It is now 9:42 PM – I am thinking I need to put the laptop away and go hug them and say enough for one night.

Oh I almost forgot this-

Emma to her friend Taliah on the way home from KFC-after church on Sunday AM

Emma: I am going to be a good Mom

Taliah: Really?

Emma: Yep, my Mommy told me so

Taliah: Why?

Emma: Because I take great care of people. When my mommie’s friend Renee died -the one that I was named after- I sat and cried with Mommy. Did Seanna do that? No. I am going to be good at taking care of people

Taliah: oh

Emma: I am thinking of having four babies how about you?

Taliah: I don’t know. Maybe two

Emma: Only two? Are you kidding?

Thank you Jesus for my two special girls that light up my life. For a husband who allows me to be me. Who allows me to minister, leave him for weeks at a time to go and help MKs. Thank you that Joe has a new home- because who would babysit Joe for three weeks? That is a lot of pee patrol.

Good Night peeps- I am sleepy and done for today.


Paula said...

LOLOLOL Oh my, that cow thing is TOO funny!!!! I needed that laugh...feeling a bit stressed out, and that was just what I needed.

Danan said...

Missing your blogs! Catch your breath and get back to blogging...smiles..Danan

amberle said...

Too Funny!! I love kids...that's why I love Kids Prayer...well, one of the reasons anyway. =)