Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Timo Just arrived in Johannesburg- 917 AM CST

Here is the update from this am- PLEASE continue to pray for him- His Mother- Vicki, Father- Tremayne, Sister- Lauren, Brother- Micah, Sister in Law- Chelsea

From Donna Flowers (South Africa): Please continue praying for Timothy Simoneaux as well as Tremayne and Vicki Simoneaux.

[Sent 4:26 a.m. CDT] This is Donna Flowers writing on behalf of Tremayne and Vicki Simoneaux. I just talked to Tremayne who is still in Malawi. I have his permission to write to you and tell you what is happening.
The medical team arrived at the hospital in Blantyre, Malawi and have been working with Timo since 9:30 am, this Wednesday morning. Timo has been put on a ventilator for the trip to Johannesburg. The doctor and nurses have told Tremayne and Vicki that Timo's brain is swollen and he is in much worse condition than they had been told on the phone by the medical staff in Malawi. Tremayne stated that they are almost ready to take him to the airport for the flight to Johannesburg via Lear jet with medical team and Sis. Vicki on board.
Tremayne will call us when they have taken off for the flight and David and I will head to Johannesburg to await the arrival of Timo and Vicki at Garden City Clinic. Tremayne will arrive this afternoon on a commercial flight. David will get him and take him to the hospital.
Tremayne and Vicki need our prayers. We need a miracle and intercession on Timo's behalf.

Thank you for praying, believing and calling on the name of Jesus Christ for complete healing.

At 7:40 a.m. CDT, David Flowers was arriving at the airport to pick you Brother Simoneaux and his wife was waiting at the hospital to meet Sister Simoneaux.--DLB

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