Monday, July 14, 2008

Late Night Thoughts, Prayers, and Burdens

So I sit and type


I don’t know

My heart is feeling so many things today

Frustration, Hurt, excitement, tiredness, expectation, strength, weakness

I remind myself that He is God

I am his child

Even when I hurt- he is there

Even when I don’t understand he does

I guess I can only equate it with Paul in Acts 16:17 – Where the scripture says that his spirit was stirred in him.

I have been so burdened by many things – so many

Many MKs

My heart has cried, rejoiced, hoped, been filled, and overwhelmed this past week with what the Lord has done. It would take pages to tell you all of the details.

The Lord is doing such a work with MK Ministries. It is overwhelming. What a difference 6 weeks makes.

We have 62 MKs coming to the Retreat.

We still need to find sponsors for 9 of them.

The way the Lord has moved in this- is mind blowing.

Today I sat and prayed and wept for these MKs

These unsung heroes

Who did not ask to be chosen

But were

Did not ask to be often times miss-understood

But are

Who don’t want to have to live 1000’s of miles from their familes

But Do

Who miss the land that they are not currently living in

But still smile

Who act like they fit in with any group

But don’t

Who have a calling on their life

Who love fully

Who give of themselves

Who expect nothing in return.

These are the MKS that I think of daily

That I am obsessed with

That I will help

That I must help

That demand all of our help

That call out to me even as I sleep

That the enemy tells me HE has their souls

I remind him that they are HIS

That I will battle for them

Even at 11:42 at night

I will pray over them

Because they are His Children

They are my calling

They are MKs

There is no one like them


Vonnie said...

Thanks a bunch!!!! After a day like today - it's good to know that someone cares and battles for us.

Jim and Linda Poitras said...

This one took my breath away, and left me in a state of teary eyes.

Jim and Linda Poitras said...

Thanks, girl. . . It helps to know someone REALLY understands. God has placed you in that MK office for that reason . . . a heart that hurts and rejoices WITH THE MKs.

(This is the Linda of the Poitras duo.)

Days In The Life of a Piano Player........ said...

Thank you Sis Cylinda for batteling for us. Helpinng us. Just being there for us. Thanks for your time and all your efforts. The Benson Mk's appreciate you so much. We love you. Hannah