Wednesday, July 02, 2008

It's not all about you....the Dr, the Inhaler, the memories!

I either have too huge of an imagination or empathize with people too much because I don’t do hospitals or sick children very well.

Seanna has had a non productive cough for the past two weeks. Since we are going on vacation Sunday, and her cough has been getting worse- not better, I thought- time to take her in.

We get to the Drs office (I have my handy disinfectant wipes ready) and sit in the “well room”. I really thought maybe she has developed allergies all of a sudden. She is taken into the Drs office and they ask her to breathe. She is starting to wheeze and cough. I feel like I am going to wheeze and cough. She does it again and I start feeling like I can’t breathe. I tell myself to pull out of it and start reading the stimulating Highlights Magazine next to me. This does not work.

Mrs. Nickel- I think she has walking pneumonia and I am going to give her a breathing treatment here and then see how she is doing with her breathing- says the DR.

I flash back to my allergy attacks at the ER when I have breathing treatments after accidentally eating fish and I feel my chest closing in. Stop Cylinda- this is in your mind. Focus- this is about Seanna not you. She is looking scared. They come in with the nebulizer and set it up. I tell her it will be fine. Just breathe in and out with your mouth and it will be done before you know it.

I flash back again to the waiting room in Puerto Rico. I had just eaten shrimp, my brother had rushed me to the ER and I couldn’t get air in my lungs. Being Christmas Day there was not a Dr or Nurse in sight. I felt the room spin as finally my brother found a Dr who gave me a shot with an epi-pen in my leg. The adrenalin rush brought me back. I then had a breathing treatment.

Emma hits my leg. Why do you look so weird Mom? Seanna is fine. You said so. I know Emma. I am Just thinking. Seanna is staring at me with worried eyes.

You are fine Seanna I tell her. This will open up your lungs so that you can breathe. The Dr returns. Listens again. She is not completely happy but agrees to let her go home. I have to check back with them tomorrow- give her two medications, and then discuss getting her on a steroid.

We stand up to leave after the inhaler demo and the Dr says now you might feel weird (I am thinking yes) and you might feel weak in your knees (yep have that too) and you might feel sick to your stomach (gotcha) but that is because of your breathing treatment. Okay I pull out again realizing that she is talking to Seanna.

Really I am out of control. I am just like that old Jerry Lewis movie “The disorderly Orderly”. It’s not about me. It’s about my daughter J

Now if you know me you know that I truly love my girls and would do anything for them….but this story was too good not to pass up but spiritually thinking it is a different story.

How many times have we been in a situation where God places someone in our lives that we need to help and we in turn vomit all of our problems out on them. They need help …and we are so focused on ourselves that we take over the conversation, close our ears and open up our mouths.

Have you ever been around someone like that? You really need encouragement, help, a small word, and they turn it around to be again about them? Do you go back to them? Absolutely not!! The Bible tells us to bear one another’s burdens, to listen and help others. That even giving a glass of water in his name will be rewarded – how much more 30 minutes of listening and helping someone.

When was the last time you had a conversation where you sat and listened? Without interrupting? That you actually were there for someone? Giving someone your undivided attention is best gift in the world.

I need to go. Seanna and I need to go get a new inhaler at the Drs office – I mean I have to take Seanna in to get a new inhaler :)


Paula said...

See, that's the nice thing about emails and blogs...everyone has to shut up and listen while you talk. No one can interrupt! :) At least, that's one reason I enjoy it. Heh

Hugs to Seanna!!! Hope she's all better soon! (Mommy, too!)

Danan said...

Tell Seanna the Benson5 hope she is much better soon so she can enjoy vacation and Mom's Blood Pressure can return to normal....smiles...

Jim and Linda Poitras said...

I enjoy good writing. And I usually find it on your blog. If only you would listen to my request for the Island Girls book. It would be like Chicken Soup for the MK Souls.

Bonnie Jean said...

I have friends like's SO frustrating. Usually, I just start, continue and end the entire conversation all about them - since I know where it's gonna go anyway. *sigh!*

I have really prayed about this exact thing and asked God to help me be a better and more thoughtful listener. Guess that's why I like to it can be all LOL!