Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Take off your sneakers....

When you read anything in the Bible about Paul- Paul Prayed for the church daily- How about you? Are you praying for your church? Your leaders? Your Pastor?

I notice also that the early church seemed to be plagued with problems even as we are- but yet he never prayed for the people’s problems to go away.

He prayed for them to know the Love of God, for them to know the Power of God, for them to be tempered correctly in their trials.

God has equipped you to face whatever it is that you are facing today. YOU have the power of God- the Holy Ghost inside of you- YOU are POWER-FILLED. Not a wimp. Have you ever notice that when you put on the whole armor of God there is not a whole lot on the back side of it? That is because HE wants us to face our enemies head on. DON”T BE A RUNNER. Face it. Moses ran- and the Lord still sent him back FORTY YEARS LATER- to face the same thing- EGYPT.

You can handle it. He has put HIS SPIRIT inside of you, equipped you, called you, anointed you- and IT IS YOUR DAY!!!

Ephesians 1:19

You are child of God- you have HIS DNA in you- you are a victor

You have authority in CHRIST over everything that comes against you today!


Final thought- if you stay on the attack you won’t be under attack all of the time!!

This is your day!

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