Monday, December 03, 2007

Sassy Chick- Proverbs 32 Woman

So how do I know that my husband loves me more than macaroni and cheese and DIET COKE??? HE bought me a purse at this really cute little boutique called Sassy CHICK tonight (No I AM NOT SASSY- just the store). It is hand made- super cute and And I love it.

That is what got me on the "I can make super cute purses for my friends mode". I was on this a couple of years ago- All I wanted for Christmas was a sewing machine. I have opened it once- almost put thread in it and put it away- Whew- close call.

But then tonight- I saw these ladies work, and thought- I need to learn how to do this. When I can find batteries in my house (which looks like an up-side down snow globe) I will take a picture and post it for you all to see.


JaneGirl said...

Hey, I'm glad to know you haven't outgrown 'serious silliness'... I enjoyed reading your entries.

Hey, I have an idea. If we read one another's blogs we'll double our reading base!

Have a great holiday!

Brenda H.

Cylinda Nickel said...

you know it girl!!