Thursday, November 15, 2007

How are the hotdogs with Jesus Grammie?

So as you probably know- if you read this blog (all one of you) that John's Mom passed away on the Monday- the 5th of November. Her wake was on the 8th and her funeral the 9th.

She passed away really early in the morning and so I stayed up with John until 5:00 AM and then slept an hour and we got up at 6:00 am with the girls. They had to be told their grandmother had just passed away. John said girls- I have some good news and I have some bad news. The good news is that Grammie is in heaven with Jesus the bad news is that we are going to miss her. It is okay to miss her. But she is happy and we should be happy for her.

They kind of just sat there and stared at us. I said I would make breakfast for everyone (that usually helps). Emma got busy working on coloring a picture and Seanna was still just kind of sitting there. I told them that I would take them to school at about 10:00 Am and talk to their teachers etc.

So at about 9 AM I hear Emma telling Seanna- we don't have to be sad Seanna- Grammie is in the Jacuzzi with Jesus. (I just listened thinking that sounded like a great book title). Seanna said I know Emma. Seanna said- I think that she is also looking at every room in her mansion.

At 9:45 when I was getting them ready to head out the door- Emma then tells Seanna- well now Grammie is hungry and she is eating Hotdogs in heaven with Jesus. I bet they are having fun. Seanna just smiles at her.

We all head into the car. On the way to school very little was said. We get out of the car at school and Emma sticks her head up in the sky and yells- Hey Grammie- How were the Hotdogs with Jesus? Seanna just shakes her head.

I took them to each teacher- explaining the circumstances of the day- for them to call us if there were issues.

I drove in silence, and then the flood of tears over whelmed my already sore eyes. I could no longer get hugs from her, I wouldn't see her smile, I wouldn't hear her say- well hello daughter, and I couldn't get the recipe for chicken and dumplings anymore.

I headed into the store. I saw ripe tomatoes (her favorite) and grabbed two of them. I got John some tissues, and some other items. I walked by the lunch meat and saw the Oscar Meyer Hotdogs. I looked to my left and then to my right. I was alone in the hotdog aisle. I took the package and held them up in the air and said- Eat one for me Mom- we miss you already.

I drove home- again in silence. I took my groceries out. I was ready to place my two ripe tomatoes into the fridge and heard her voice in my head saying- Cylinda don't put tomatoes in the fridge it takes away the flavor. I usually ignored that voice and put them away. On Monday, November 5th- I left them on the counter.

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