Friday, October 12, 2007

Somebody bring me an ax....I am going to cut off my ears- October 11th

So you may or may not know- John’s Mom has been in the hospital this time since September 29th. This is 6 weeks since the end of June.

We have been dividing our time between hospital, family, work, church, and home. I got a call on Monday that our babysitter’s son has the croup- so John took of Tuesday and Friday (his Christmas vacation days) I worked from home yesterday afternoon, and today we have a friend helping us out- (Thank you Ashley and Hallelujah).

So this being said- It has been a little crazy at our house. Yesterday- I am in the car line and see Seanna –Looks normal- good. Emma- Wearing Dora t-shirt and it looks like PJ pants-not normal. I suddenly think- I need more sleep.
They get in the car...
Cylinda-What happened Emma?

Emma-My Substitute teacher spilled tea down my back, they took me to the office and changed me, I asked for a skirt, they didn’t have any, I started to cry and said My Mom would beat me, and they still didn’t have anything (this was all said in one breath- she then proceeds to cry and look at me).

Cylinda-First of all- we don’t beat you- Second of all- I totally understand- and third you were really brave to go through that today-
Really she asked?

Seanna is disgusted that she was not called brave and snorts in the back seat as she sits next to her.

We make it through homework, dinner, and are getting ready to go to church when I hear bang and scream. Emma has blood spurting out of her right big toe- her plate is on the floor and Joe (the overweight Daschund) is eating her food. She said – The fork stabbed me. I said did Joe eat your food? Did he bite you ? (Thinking if he did- his days are numbered) No, she said I dropped the plate on my toe. Her toe is immediately turning purple. Under the nail is dark purple (she will loose the nail I know) She screams at the top of her lungs for about 8 minutes (yes, I time these things) She will not let anyone hold her but me (lucky, I know) so John moves the plates from the table etc.

I told her we have to calm down so that we can get ready for church. Ever the drama queen she tells me that she can not go to church with a toe like this. I assured her she could and help her change into new clothes and slippers. (that have Penquins and say "Just chill"- I know -only high fashion in my house).

We make it to church. After church John heads to the hospital to be with his Mom and I take my brother in law to pick up his van. At home she starts crying again. In the meantime my Mom and Dad (who are on their way to Brazil today) call me and want to go over some things. She is so loud I can't hear them. I told them I would call them back and get her some more Motrin. I lay her on the couch and call my parents back.

Back at the crying-it is now 10:45- I am getting a tad bit cranky and ready for her to SLEEP. 11:30- John gets home from the hospital and the howler (otherwise known as Emma) is still at it. She can’t get comfortable, all she can think about it her toe, what if the toe explodes when she goes to sleep? Do toes grow back? Ice feels cold! Why do washcloths get cold when ice is in them? All of this is said through loud sobs and wails of tears!

To make an excruciating night short, the Readers Digest version, she was up until 4:00 PM. At about 2 Am I was ready for someone to bring me an ax- so that I could just cut off my ears to not hear her crying. She just would not stop.

Oh I just remembered I have my camera with me at work I will take a picture for you.

The alarm went off at 6:00 am and I hit it so hard her juice box which was sitting next to it flew off the night stand. I was hoping it would hit Joe in the head. John at this point has moved to the couch (I would not recommend this for any other six foot 8 man) and Seanna was standing by my bed alerting me that the alarm just went off. Really? I said (thinking I just might have to slug her as well) Silently ranting that my body does not register two hours of shuteye as sleep.

I get Seanna ready for school, try to figure out what to do with Emma, and decide I will have to take her to work. On the way to work today she is talking non stop- about this and that, and that and this. Finally she stops and says... Are you listening to me? Of course I am Emma (not). Well I just told you even if my whole toe falls off it makes it worth it....because I can spend the whole day with you. When I get there should I make a schedule of things for us to do at your job? Probably not I told her- as I have to work while you watch strawberry shortcake DVDs.

It is 10:17 Am now I AM ready to watch Strawberry Shortcake and tell all travelers- You are on your own today- I don’t have ears left because I chopped them off last night!!!

Ecclesiastes 3: 1, 4:
To everything there is a season, . . . a time to weep and a time to laugh.


She just told me Mom- You know you one of my sweetest friends- I treasure you- Quoted just like strawberry shortcake would I think

And now she is lying on a blanket ready for a nap!

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