Thursday, September 06, 2007

"Talkies" "Drainers" and "Life Givers"

Why all the talk and so little communication?

We give each other five second greetings

How are you


How are you?


We pray that they don’t say….. well okay

Because that would require further questions, and feigned listening

And then another comment

How are you

Hot outside

Wow can you believe this drought we are going through

New hairdo?

No one cares enough to really listen to your responses anyway

I am amazed by this

True Listeners- are Life Givers:

My father always taught my brother and I to ask questions in conversations.

He made it clear that if we were good listeners the person will walk away going – Wow

She was the most interesting person in the world- when really they were talking about themselves the whole time- people want a safe harbor- a person that they can talk to.

My Pastor’s Wife- Sister Watts- is excellent at bringing out the best in others….

She should be “A Closer”

You know the person that they call into the interrogation room

That can get anyone to talk

She has a knack for making people feel at home- with her-

Do you know why? She actually asks questions and listens- she listens with her eyes, ears, her face, and her expressions.

Some times you are ministering to others- just by listening to them!

While at School of Missions there is a great Missionary that has been friends with John and I and my parents for many years. He has a great way of just letting you exhale in his presence and be yourself. I began to talk to him (after he asked- and really wanted to know) about my burden for MKs. As I began to tell him how the Lord has opened this up in stages- I began to share things with him from my heart that were so dear to me I began to weep as I talked to him. By his listening to me- and being available and genuine concern and openness with me- I heard the words pour out of my heart that I hadn’t even admitted to myself. He brought fresh life to my burden, my calling, my life- by actually having an interest in listening to me.


There is a category of people I call talkies- People that just want to talk and talk and talk and don’t stop for air….

This happens quite a bit at a church setting-in fact I just was observing this recently…

One lady is being caught by a “talkie”

Another one trying to run away from a “talkie”

In fact if I have a watch on you can time the “talkie”

Because they don’t realize the glazed over look in other peoples eyes mean they checked out of the conversation a long time ago- that they are frantically look for anyone to make eye contact with to break free!


Unfortunately in this world there are also people who I call drainers…

People that will zap the life out of you

It is all about them talking, talking, and talking

About you listening, listening, listening

They walk away feeling light as a feather because they have dumped all of their issues on you-and you have already heard that same story 4 times J

Guard your time

You only have one life

Drainers want to fill it with their words

In teaching a class recently I was telling them- it takes so little to be above average-

To be a good listener

To care for others

To send a note of concern

To give an encouraging smile

To open up you heart to others- even when you may get rejected

Your Choice:

So today it is your choice…are you going to be a “talkie” a “drainer” or a life giver? A true listener inspires others to new heights in the Lord. A life giver encourages others burdens, dreams, visions, and lets them know that they can make it, they can do it.

Some of you have been crying out for the Lord to use you in a mighty way. Start where you are- invest in others. Investing is coming along side a person and saying I believe in this vision and I believe in you- I can’t wait to see what doors the LORD is going to continue to open up in you! As you do this- you will see the Lord bringing you into a new plain. A place that HE has desired to be with you- to sup. Because listening is a concentration- an effort…but a true listener also knows the voice, the whispering, and the calling of the Lord in their life! So today- Listen.

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