Friday, August 31, 2007

I guess I don't know what to say...

There is a real person inside of this skin, this flesh called me...

So I have been really praying lately that the LORD
Would let me see a glimpse of the real me
How He sees me
How He loves me
How He can give me so much grace and mercy

This past two weeks at School of Missions while teaching the 9-12 year old MKs -
I have tried to

Love harder
Invest deeper
Grow others
Give many hugs
Listen without interrupting
Multiply my vision
Put value into tiny hearts
Let them know that they were a one a kind masterpiece created for their WORK in HIM

I came home tired
But kind of feeling like
You know what?
HE DID IT- He really Did- Lives were changed!!

I wouldn’t change a thing about my path
My direction
My family
My blunderings
My Ministry
That is what has made me- The person inside of this skin
And I am beginning to think
There is hope yet-

Last night when my girls cried on the way home
That they didn’t want to leave School of Missions
That they wanted God to make them missionaries
I thought
Maybe my vision
My love for missions
Has rubbed off on a 6 and 8 year old

I could have just given Jesus a High Five
I’m okay
They get it

They are 6 and 8 but today
But I have seen then really cry out and pray
For Madagascar, Suriname, French Africa, Uruguay, Hong Kong,
Papua New Guinea, Brazil, Lebanon, Europe, and all of the other countries their MK friends have come from! A burden, A calling, and an anointing is upon my children!

So I realize that this blog is a lot of rambling
It makes little sense
It is filled with a 1000 thoughts
But at lunch I prayed a prayer of Thanksgiving
Thanking HIM
For So Much in my 39 years of life

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Jim and Linda Poitras said...

And those two little girls surely left an impact on my life. They brought special joy to my trip to School of Missions.