Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Please Pass me the Kleenex- July 19, 2007

So today…While going to the bathroom for the 15th time to get some paper towel to blow my nose… I meet a secretary in the hall and she says…hey you…Are you new here? I said no- I work in the travel department – I have been here for 2 1/2 years
She is like oh- you’re the one with the Hello Kitty Lunch Bag in the fridge.
I said guilty
She says- You have your life together don’t you
I said some days
She just smiles and walks off

I roll my eyes privately and think it over…hmm do I have my life together?
I had a 103 temperature when I got home from work last night and went to bed
My co-worker is on vacation this week so I have to go to work sick or not.
I had a fever of 101 this morning when I got up.

I came back to my desk and thought I wonder if I blow my nose again if the end of it would come off like Michael Jackson's Fake Nose… What if I would turn into Michael Jackson and become the color of mayonnaise?

Back to her comment- You have your life together don’t you….

Well in theory I do. In Christ Alone I place my trust (thank you Michael English who is singing in my head)

…My kids both have clean underwear (bonus)
…We have milk in the fridge (thanks to John)
…I have two bars of dover soap waiting to leap into the tub (thanks to target)
…I have a loaf of bread and plenty of peanut butter (thanks to Harris Teeter)

So to some – I might have my life together.

I have spent the past two weeks questioning everything in my life
My life
My loves
My passions
My desires
My God
My Callings

I have come out of this cloud knowing

I am called to work with Missionary Kids- They are my passion
I love my Husband more than anything except Jesus
I love my Kids more than anything except Jesus
I have an amazing family that is my backbone, strength and balancer
I have friends that can make me smile and I can share with (all two of you)
I Love MKs more than anything expect Jesus, and equal to my family and diet coke
I love the Youth (Oneighty) and Kids (ALC Kids) at ALC more than anything and equal to my family and diet coke

I am putting in my notice on Monday. I am quitting my job. I will be at youth congress with MKs and Youth from all over America. I will be at School of Missions for two weeks with MKs My passion.

Do I know where I will work when I get back – NOPE
Do I feel fearful? Absolutely not

I can only equate it to the feeling that Peter must have had when he leaped out of that boat. It is the most freeing thing you can do.
What about you? Do you have your life together? I don’t
Do you know what will happen tomorrow? I don’t
Do you know that you love with your entire inner core? I do
And I think that is what he wants from us today
Live, Serve, and Love – Follow HARD after Him

And use tissues with lotion- Really they help!!

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Melinda said...

This morning in PreSchool we had a major fight with three year old Eli trying to get him to let us wipe his nose. He finally let us do it, with the paper towels. I guess he wanted to be a tough guy. (No tissue with lotion for HIM!)

I'm not sure which is cooler. Being equal to family, or equal to Diet Coke...