Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Maybe it was the bumper cars ~ May 29, 2007~

Sunday Night on the way home from watching fireworks we were in the shuttle bus (stuck in traffic for 30 minutes) and Emma had a nose bleed. This is fine as I have the blanket that we sat on the grass with. We finally get to the car at 11:30 PM and are headed home. She says. I don’t feel good. I said okay. Then she says I am going to throw up and does so all over my hair, the rental car, and the seat. We stop on the side of the road in someone’s yard and she continues to vomit. She throws up until nothing is left. (I hope you are not reading this and eating?).

Then we get home. She says I think I just had some bad carrots today
Or Maybe it was the bumper cars at the fair
Or Maybe my stomach was nervous from the fireworks
Or Maybe I shouldn’t have eaten watermelon with salt….

I assure her that she probably just has a stomach bug that her friend had the week before. She tells me…I didn’t eat any bugs. I said I know that just means a little flu. So off to bed. She gets is until 4:00 AM. I am lying on the floor next to her (as we are at my Aunt and Uncles house) and I don’t want her getting it everywhere. At 4 Am she is sleeping soundly. The alarm goes off at 6:00 am. I about threw it across the room. We pack and are out the door at 7:00 AM. During our 14 hour drive we stopped four times for her to heave hoe. She every time would say…Maybe it’s because I went fishing yesterday…Maybe it’s because I picked up that worm out of the dirt...etc.

About 45 minutes outside of Charlotte last night…Guess what…Someone is all better. Her stomach does not hurt. She returns to her active self….She is perfect…

I sent her and Seanna up for baths as they had school this morning. When I was putting them in bed and doing prayers Emma says…I feel so much better Mama…but I really do think it was the bumper cars..

How about you? Do you have an excuse for your spiritual sickness? Do you have an excuse for the things that happen to you? Sometimes we just can’t accept the truth that we may have an attitude problem, an old grudge that we need to get rid of, we don’t want to change our ways, or we are ignoring the call of GOD on our life.

We always know in our heart of heart…
-Our calling
-What we should do in a hard situation
-The doors that are opening and shutting in our lives
-The thing that we need to do….
Yet the easiest thing sometimes is to hide behind our excuses!!

Walk in HIS DIRECTION today…believe me when you are in His perfect plan you will be so glad that you didn’t hide behind the excuse that it might all be from the Bumper Cars!

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Melinda said...

The list of things that we "always know in our heart of hearts" was amazing. I'm posting it somewhere. I'm just not sure where yet.